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A: no that’s not bad mileage at all for an 06 model, the one i been looking to buy has about that much on it also,and its an 07 i think,make sure you get a maintenance schedule with it if possible,it will help you to know how well it was taken care of,good luck with it,enjoy it,the drive really good.

Q: Looking for a used car, Dodge Charger?
Ok, so the transmission on my Jeep Grand Cherokee went and I need another car. I recently found a used 2007 Dodge Charger SE/SXT with 63,000 miles for around $11,000. Just curious what people think of the car and if this is a good deal on it or not. Thanks for your help.

A: which is it, an SE or SXT? Big difference, the SE has the lame 2.7L V6 and 4 speed auto while the SXT has the much better 3.5 with a 5 speed auto.

The price seems on the low side, but the mileage is quite high for a 4 year old car. If it’s the SE I would avoid it, I’ve heard horror stories about that engine, but if it’s the SXT it probably is a pretty good deal, but make sure you bring it to a mechanic to check it out and make sure it’s never been wrecked (either via carfax or the mechanic should be able to recognize the signs)

Q: Where / How do I buy a used 2004 Dodge Charger for under 15,000?
from NJ

this is my first car, male, age 22

any color is fine

A: Check the on-line Autotrader.

Q: Should I go new or used with a Dodge Charger? I put on 25k/yr, and they are offering a liftetime warranty?
Title says it all.

I’m buying a charger in the next week or so.

My dilemma is that I don’t know if I should buy new or used. If I go used, I’ll save 6-7 grand. My warranty will also be up in a year the way I drive.

If I go new, my powetrain warranty will never expire as long as I have the car (but it’s not transferrable).

Problem is, I don’t know how long I’ll want to keep the car for.

Should I go new or used? Or does this just depend on how long I plan on keeping it?

A: Buy a low mileage used one. New cars lose 15-20% of their value the minute you drive them off the lot.
Read the fine print on the warranty – it’s a LIMITED lifetime warranty, be sure you know up front what is and is not covered so there are no surprises!

Good Luck!

Q: should i buy a used dodge charger?
i just wanted to know if it is a good car and worth looking into buying one? hows the gas mileage? is it cheap to fix? is it roomy? i just had a baby and need something big enough for her car seat and reliable for me to be riding around with my newborn, but still cheap to maintain. thanks in advance!

id prob get maybe a 2006 (want to spend maybe about $9,000… so thats prob the newst i could get with that price)

A: The Charger is VERY roomy. Get the SXT model…as it has a touring suspension and will provide a comfortable ride. You can find a 2007 SXT for around 9/10K with under 60K miles.

As far as mileage goes…in the SXT with the 3.5 v6 engine you will be getting around 16-20mpg city/highway mixed driving. And around 21-24mpg highway driving. These cars are heavy so the mpg’s are not that great.

Maintenance on v6 models are relatively cheap…pretty much as most other v6 makes/models. The v8 models are a bit more expensive on the maintenance…but I’m pretty sure you’re looking for a v6.

Chargers are also very safe cars. They can take a hit to the front end and rear end with minimal damage. You might want to try and locate an SXT model with side airbags.

All around a good car for a family sedan.

Hope this helps.

Q: Getting a used dodge charger r/t at the age of 16 (long question)?
So the 16 year old want a Dodge Charger R/T. Well, that for the dreams a lot of adults keep telling me. Like I really give a dang about their opinion. I just want facts… I am going to get emancipated, get my GED, and start community college. My friend’s dad has show and proven (through his 2 sons), that you can make money as a student of college just from the excess grant money. I really want a Dodge Charger R/T and they are about 12,000 (i know a guy who can help me get them for 20% off, no joke). I live in Arizona and legally, I cannot finance a car till age 18, but if I get emancipated as a legal adult, do I have the possibility to do that?

Or second. I want to take student loans because I know I will pay them back and I know I cannot get a regular loan (to my knowledge). So, with the student loan, I am probably 5, 6 thousand short. Can I get a small finance for that? With me being an emancipated adult + full time college student + I will have a FWS (Federal Work Study/Job) + An undocumented income from a job, will that be enough to help me get a loan or the rest to pay for it?

Or if i try to persuade banks for other student loans, could i straight out buy it?

A: I don’t think that 12k is an unreasonable amount to pay for a car, but for a R/T Charger! not on your life unless you’re looking at a very used beat to crap salvage job.

As far as getting a loan, while an emancipated minor can enter into a legal contract, I doubt very highly that any bank will do it, there’s no law that says they have to, and let’s face it, it doesn’t sound like you’ve been terribly responsible up to this point. Please, I’m not trying to piss down your leg here, just trying to show you what the banks point of view will most likely be.

Q: Do you own a Dodge Charger, or used to own one?
I an thinking of getting one, year between 2008 and 2010..
Let me know what you thought of the car?
I want your opinion.

A: great car. Like what others are saying avoid the 2.7 V-6 just too under powered for the car. Great timeing. You could find some nice deals on new 09 and 2010’s since the 2011 is coming out now and the next couple of months. They re-designed the charger it looks a lot nicer. But they also got rid of the 2.7 and the 3.5 H.O V-6’s. They have a new 3.8 or 3.9 V-6 that is putting out 300 horses and the hemi is bumped to 375 horses. I drove the car from michigan to florida and back great supportive seats, nice get up and go with the 3.5L just great all around car. I would deffenitely reccomend it.

Q: If I bought a 2007 Dodge Charger used in Sept 2007, is the warranty still good? It has 29,000 miles.?

A: As long as the warranty was transferred into your name it should still be good, check your purchase papers.

Q: what parts from other dodge models can be used for a 1975 dodge ram charger?or where can i find parts for it?
need a camper for a 1975 dodge ram charger.also looking for panels and even a front grill.

A: The 1975 to 1978 Chargers were based on the Chrysler Cordoba.

Q: Should I buy a used Dodge Charger (first car i’ve ever had)?
So I’m turning 18 in a while and my parents said I can choose whatever kind of car I want that’s not too pricey. I haven’t decided on the Charger yet but I love the car. There’s only one probably, it’s rear-wheel drive and my dad told me that it’s terrible in the snow, rain, ect. Also i heard it was really bad gas mileage but i’m not sure how much. Can someone please help me make this choice easier and tell me if I should look at another car because of the rear-wheel drive or because of the low mileage it get? Also tell me how much mileage it gets to the gallon. Anyone with backround knowledge please help!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

A: I used to have one and it was great! But I would def stick to an asian import like acura, honda, toyota, infiniti, nissan or lexus. These cars will give you less of a headache in the long run. I would also check the vehicle history first. CARFAX is a ripoff. I always use CHEAPVINSEARCH.COM. They are a relatively new site so not too many people know about them, but I think they are just a reseller of autocheck. But it only costs 9.99 and if you are spending a couple thousand on a car its def worth it. You might to get the car checked out by a mechanic for 200 dollars this could save you a lot of money in the future.

Q: Looking to buy a used car which of these dodge charger, altima coupe, pontiac g6, audi a4?
Hi im looking to get a new car. I am 21 years old and looking for a nice car used. my budget is under 14,000 some of the cars I really like is dodge charger, altima coupe, Pontiac g6, Audi a4 ext.. What would you recommend or if you think a better car would fit that does along with these style of cars feel free to tell me. All advice is great thanks guys!

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: Does anyone know where I can purchase a used police Dodge Charger?
I am looking for a used Police Dodge Charger with the 5.7 Liter HEMI. If anyone knows where I can find one online that’d be great. Or if you see any online please let me know, thanks.

A: In about 8 years more they will be in auction, because they cost a lot of money

Q: I’m tired of my 4 cylinder 2003 Rav4. Would it be worth it to buy a used 2006 Dodge Charger? Your opinion?
I want a nice car with power. I’m afraid of Dodge though, I know Toyotas and Hondas and much better mechanically. What do you think?

A: yes it probably would,it don’t take long to get tired of the slow 4 cylinder ,,i got over it too,but yes if you can afford today’s gas prices it would be worth it,,i started to get one,,but a 4 door charger,,just didn’t cut it with me, but they are nice cars,,good luck i hope this help,s.

Q: Will I be able to find a nicely used 2007 Dodge Charger SXT for under $20,000 w/mileage under 25K?

A: yes you can,you can buy a new one for that much and not have to worry about it having a lot of miles on it,if you found a real good used one you could save some real good money on it because someone else has already paid for the odd charges they tack on to the original price,so if you want a used one yeas you could find one for around 16 or more at most places,good luck with your choice .

Q: used 2009 Dodge Charger…?
currently haggling with a dealer on a used 09 charger base model.
listed on lot at 14,450….
i offered them 12K Cash on the spot and they came back with 15,300 out the door.
i said my final offer of day was 13,500….
the next day they call and took the price down to 15,000.
i went to call them today but the salesman i was dealing with was off.

2009 46,00 miles. the base model. kbb has car listed at 15,985

what can i expect to happen next? i assume its my move. what is a good price to get the car for?

A: you,ll probably wind up getting it for that amount of the offer you made on it,they,ll probably call you back though and fish around with you some on it to see if you,ll go just a little bit higher,i have a family member that sells cars and we danced around for a week on a car i was going to buy,2005 charger to be exact,the mileage will be whats helps you to get it cheaper,most people will question a car being that new with that many miles on it,so they won’t turn down no reasonable offer,all i can say is stick to your offer with them and cross your fingers,and when they call you saying they got another offer,don’t fall for it,its an old trick that’s been used by car dealers for many years and it usually makes the person think they might loose the deal on the car,good luck on getting it.

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