used toyota tacoma

A: im going to say 80-90 gear lube but contact your local parts store to make sure

Q: Trading my used 2004 Honda Accord to new 2009 Toyota Tacoma?
How much money would I lose? What are the process of doing so?

I bought my Honda for $20,000 and bought it used.

My Honda has 62K Miles.
2004 Honda Accord V6 Coupe 6 speed manual


2009 Toyota Tacoma 4cyl 4x4 Access Cab

A: KBB on the honda runs for just under 10k in good condition, so you'd lose about 10k on the trade in, or whatever is left on your loan will roll oer on the truck.

Personally, i think you;re better off with the honda- its more fuel efficent, safe, and stylish.

the Tundra costs more, and will lose value quickly because of rising gas prices. Gas prices are low now, but will return to the days of 4 dollar a gallon, and possibly more making your gas bill expensive later on, and lowering resale value.

plus, a 10k loss is way too much in this economy.

good luck!

Q: where is a good place to buy a used truck in Casper, Wyoming?
I'm looking for a used toyota tacoma or a ford ranger. It has to be used and have 4 wd and automatic.


Q: Toyota Tacoma? Can a baby seat be used legally and safely in these trucks?

A: Yep sure can!

They have a shutoff for the Passenger Airbag so it doesn't go off with a child in the seat.

Q: Which Toyota Tacoma model should to buy?
My dad is currently looking for a used Tacoma truck. I don't know much myself but he ask me to help look for one. The thing is there are so many versions for it like S-runner, base, double cab, etc. I just want to know which version should have at least these specs.

At least 4 people could fit in
Should be able to changed to 4 wheel drive because we drive in snow when winter comes
It should not be the newer ones. Maybe 2001 to 05 models.

A: Most Tacoma's in this link will have what you are looking for

This link has more info on the Tacoma

Watch a Tacoma in action here when the frame rusts in half

Your dad may want to reconsider. Chevy and Ford and Chrysler lack the above mentioned problems...........

Q: Where is the best place to buy new and used car parts(need a new front bumper for my 2000 Toyota Tacoma)?
What should I expect to pay?

A: You will want a CAPA Certified part to give you the assurance that you are buying a quality part. Original Fit Corporation has the best quality and best prices:

List Price is $553.70
Discounted Wholesale Internet Price is $145.35

Q: Whats the best way to buy a new/used vehicle using my paid for toyota tacoma 02 as trade in?
I Bought a 2002 toyota tacoma alittle over a year ago, for 13,000.00 cash. Blue book then was 12,000. Now I'd like to get something alittle newer with more seating. Thinking Ford Explorer or something like it. I've been told I should several diffrent ways to go about it - sell, trade it, take out a loan ect. Help! Best Answer your reward! Also is Ford Explorer a good vehicle? Does Toyota make a good SUV ? If so would it be better to go to Toyota dealership and trade it in? I should also mention I'd like to get a deal where I walk away with some cash or a least no payments. Not asking for much right? thanks

A: OK, you have a lot of questions. Let's start with the first issue.

#1 - Don't trade in your vehicle. Sell it to a private party. You will get more money for it that way (could be $1,000s more.)
#2 - I would take a Toyota over an Explorer, but that is just me.

I would recommend buying a used car vs. a new car. With a new car, you will leave a lot of money at the curb, when you drive off the lot. If you go against my suggestion, be sure and ask your insurance agent about "gap insurance" to cover the difference between your loan payoff amount and the ACV of your car, if it should happen to get totalled. This won't matter, if you do in fact walk out with no payments.

A dealer won't part with money, so again, sell the car yourself, and pay cash for the new one.

The site below has some great savings tips for purchasing your first (or next) vehicle. You seem to be already following the advice, but it is good reading.

Good luck to you, and happy shopping! Drive safely.

Q: Has anyone used an infant car seat in a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Access cab truck?
My husband has a 2007 Toyota Tacoma access cab. We have a newborn baby and plan on putting his rear-facing car seat in the back seat. The owner's manual gives instructions on installing an infant car seat into the truck. Is the Toyota Tacoma child restraint system safe? I figured it had to be safe if they provide this as a safety feature on the truck. I just want to make sure that the truck meets the same safety requirements as my 4-door car. The car seat is mainly put in my car, but we need to use my husband's truck this week. Please let me know if you have used a car seat in this truck.
The infant car seat we are using is the Graco Safe Seat.

A: The restraint system is just as safe as any other, the problem is that pickup trucks are never the ideal way to transport children. Trucks have less crumple zone area. And even though we're always told kids should be in the back, in pickup trucks that actually isn't always true - b/c the back windshield is SOOOO close to the back seat, when the car seat rebounds up its undoubtedly going to hit it, providing another point of impact that the baby will hit and be injured by. Notice that when you install your carrier in your car, even if its a good installation (with less than 1" of movement at the belt path) that you can lift the front of the base, closest to the front of the car, right off the seat. Its supposed to -in an accident the seat will fling up. So in most vehicles, children are most protected in the back seat, in a truck, not so much. But they're not well protected in the front seat either - too close to the front end, and then there's the airbag problem. Although, in an '07 the airbag will either have a sensor or be able to be shutoff. You have to watch those sensors, though, check the weight limit. B/c remember its not just the weight of your child in the seat, but the weight of your child + the weight of his seat.

Anyways - I would not put my child in an infant carrier in the back seat of a pickup truck. I would get a rear facing convertible that can be tethered rear facing. You know how all current convertible seats have an extra strap coming out of the back that you hook in you car's back dash? There are 2 brands of seats that can use the strap but in rear facing position - only Britax and Sunshine Kids allow this. And a Sunshine Kids Radian65 is not going to fit rear facing in a truck, so a Britax convertible would be your best bet. That way it provides some more protection against the child hitting the rear windshield in an accident. I just wouldn't be comfortable with my child riding in it otherwise.

If there is absolutely no other option - consider installing the infant car seat in the front seat, making absolutely certain that the airbag is shut off. There's evidence of why this is safer in the forums at , usually I'd search for it and put the link here, but apparently the forums are down right now. I posted an answer about putting a car seat in a Toyota Tacoma that had a link to a thread discussing putting a car seat in the front of a truck. Or you can post your question there when its up and running and get informative answers from car seat techs.;_ylt=ArgC7ZGmukfMbcNWBe0YZyHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080530142331AAcfgdV&show=7#profile-info-ZqN6pUsUaa

That's the question, and when researching I learned that the Toyota Tacoma is a very difficult vehicle to install car seats in, rear or forward facing. consider trading vehicles with your husband on days he needs to pick up your child. We have the same problem in our house, my mom has a CRV to transport my son and sister, but my stepdad has a Nissan pickup. So he almost never gets to transport either child. Its just not safe enough.

Q: What size bolts are used for the tailgate on a 98 Tacoma?
What size metric bolts are used to attach a tailgate to the bed in a 1998 toyota Tacoma tailgate
I went to the dealer and they do not sell these bolts.

A: See if the dealer will give you the size. You will need the dimensions.

You will need the diameter of the bolt, measuring the shank, not the head. The measure the length of the bolt from under the head, the entire shank length, the threaded & unthreaded portions combined.
If you are using a hex head bolt, look for grade 10.9. Metric hex bolts are available in 8.8 strength & 10.9 strength.
I would also suggest a nylon insert lock nut or an all metallic lock nut to go with the bolt.
You should be able to find this bolt at your local hardware store or big box, like Home Depot or Lowe's or check under fasteners in your local yellow pages.
Good Luck & re-post if you don't find something that will work.


Q: 95 Toyota Tacoma Door Jamb Sticker?
My dad just bought a used 95 Toyota Tacoma. When we took it home we noticed the Door Jamb Sticker on the Driver Side of the door was gone(maybe scraped off or was never there)? Can anyone verify that this has to be here? The Vin number matches on the dash. I can't seem to find a Vin on the firewall when I pop the hood. I live in California. I read somewhere online, in some states vehicle were not required to have this sticker. I checked carfax and everything looks good. But the car was orginally from Montana. Does that mean if Montana didn't require it and California requires it, the car is not legal here? I am confused. Is the Door Jamb sticker required in California? All of my other cars has it. Any help or hints would be fine.
Thanks in Advance.

A: Here is the real answer. The VIN sticker on the outer body panels tells you those parts were installed at the factory. Each one has a reference number (VIN) that tells you these parts go to this vehicle. You should see one on all the doors, the hood and trunk lid.

If you don't see them, that means only one thing. Those panels have been replaced and the only reason an outer body panel would need to be replaced is if the vehicle was in an accident.

Q: When to use Positraction in my Toyota Tacoma?
I just bought a truck and found out it has positraction. None of the other cars I've owned have had it, so I'm not sure what it's all about. What is the purpose of positraction? and in what situations would it be useful to use it?

A: Posi traction is an old technology in the rod hot days. You have limited slip differential or locking rear differential. Limited slip mean both rear tires will turn at the same time but one can turn faster. Locking means they will turn at the same time, used mainly for off road use and on a straight line. You will find this on Tacoma TRD Sport (limited slip) and TRD Off road (locking) Hope this will help you out.

Q: Looking for new/used bucket seats for '02 Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Anyone have a clue where to turn?
Tried and they don't have them. Ebay... un uh. The color needed is gold/tan.

A: You bet! or

Q: Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma?
So for my first car, I REALLY want a USED black 2005 Jeep Wrangler (hard top) or a USED black Toyota Tacoma (double cab, short bed), but I can't decide which one is more durable and useful. I am paying for either one myself, so money is out of the picture, both of them cost about the same anyways since they are used. I'm 16, so I don't really need the truck for work tools or anything, and the Wrangler is definitely my first choice, but I LOVE trucks- and it's not like this is a massive f250. I think it's appropriate. I'm not the girliest of girls, so before you assume my positions on wanting these cars, understand I'm not a typical teen age girl that would kill for a white BMW.
I want to know which you think is more safe, environmentally friendly (gas), and more reasonable.
Plus, I hear Jeeps are loud and obnoxious from the inside..?
Thanks in advance.

A: first you need to compare apples with apples, both trucks have advantages over each other, both are quite capable, and if properly equipped and maintained the jeep will last just as long as the toyota.with similer costs
some simple truths:
stay away from late model wranglers with the 4 cyl engine [this is the head gasket blowing dodge neon engine, and has no guts off road] 4.0L. in-line 6 cyl. is the engine of choice here. [note the late model 3.8 minivan engine has no business in these vehicles].

the toyota is inherently a safer vehicle due to the fact that it is a completely enclosed structure,
the jeep has a roll cage of sorts and the fiberglass hard top is very sturdy but under most accident conditions the tacoma would be a safer bet, there is a 4cyl and a v-type 6 cyl available both are solid performers and given proper care will run for almost ever.
. jeeps w/4.0 and proper care will go easy 300K miles.
with the hard top jeeps are fairly quiet on road and they have considerably more off road potential than any pick-up large or small, rear seat comfort however, over moderate distances [or greater] will be zero...

Q: 2004 Toyota Tacoma, How much should I pay?
I'm looking at buying a used 2004 toyota tacoma. It is a V6 5 speed manual TRD Off Road, including Bilstein shocks, Hidden Hitch, Box liner, cruise, A/C, tilt steering, power locks/windows, keyless entry, electronic differential lock, power lumbar support. I haven't seen it yet, but assuming it is in good condition, what is the maximum I should pay for it. Also, should I still get a good five years out of this truck without many problems?
It has 96,000 km (60,000 miles).

A: Check the used car values below to get an approximation of what it's worth. They tend to be right.

Q: what year does the Toyota Tacoma off road package start using the hood scoop?
and is there any big difference between 05' - 08' models?

A: 2005 was the first Model using the Scoop on the 4x4's.

No there aren't any major differences. Just the standard packages.

Once you find a model you like it will be the same across all 3 years.